Siimple enables users to control Windows applications (like Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, and so on) with a Wiimote.

Basically, it makes the Wiimote works like a mouse, but it also supports a script language that can be used to customize Wiimote's behavior individually for each Windows application. For example, during a PowerPoint presentation, pressing the Wiimote Down button might show next slide (simulating a mouse left button click), but when controlling the Windows Media Player, pressing the same Wiimote Down button might play next music track (acting like a Ctrl+F hotkey).

Siimple was conceived to be simple to use. It comes with pre-defined scripts for some of the most frequently used Windows applications and the user just need to press the 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously on the Wiimote to start using it.


  • Wiimote;

  • Bluetooth radio;

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7;

  • .NET 3.5+;

  • Microsoft bluetooth stack.

Final Notes

Siimple was built using some useful open source libraries, including ones from CodePlex, like 32feet.NET, WiimoteLib and Windows Input Simulator.

Feel free to send me comments, suggestions and issues.

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P.S. I've just uploaded a demo to YouTube:

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